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Teaching at Bangor University

Office Hours: By appointment (please email in advance)

Modules (2019/20):

    Semesters 1&2: Tutorials Year 1

    Semester 1: Primatology (Module organiser)

    Semester 1 &2: Field Courses

                             (a) Uganda Field Course: Course organiser

                             (b) Local Field Course: Snowdonia trip leader


    Semester 2: Human Evolutionary Biology   



    Third-year projects:   BSX-3170

    Masters projects:      BSM-4000


For dissertations students: here's a reading list of books that might be useful for your 2017/18 projects.

If you have an idea for an original piece of research you wish to pursue under my supervision in your third year - I strongly recommend that you get in touch to discuss this way ahead of schedule so that you have time to also apply for the Undergraduate Project Scholarships from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (deadline for submission is 1 February!).

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