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Funded positions

Unfortunately, I don't have any funded projects to advertise at this moment.

Self-funded postgraduate applicants


Projects available for 2021/2022 MScRes study

I typically accept students to carry out research at postgraduate level through the MScRes or the PhD in Biological Sciences or Conservation Biology programmes at Bangor University.

I am happy to discuss a variety of topics with students who may have their own ideas to carry out field research and/or meta-analytical or comparative studies that would involve extracting data from the literature to produce novel insights and test specific hypotheses.

I am particularly keen to encourage students who wish to conduct fieldwork in Zanzibar on the behavioural ecology and conservation of the Zanzibar red colobus (Piliocolobus kirkii).

At the MScRes level, for students who are interested in working with existing datasets (no field work), I have several opportunities for analyses of data on the reproductive biology and physiology of the rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) of Cayo Santiago (Puerto Rico).

To find out more about studying at Bangor, tuition fees, and funding see the links below.

Bangor University Doctoral School:


MScRes in Biological Sciences:

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