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2012                Ph.D., Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, USA

                        Dissertation: Energetic costs of reproductive effort in male chimpanzees

                        Adviser: Prof. Richard W. Wrangham

2008                A.M., Anthropology, Harvard University, USA

2005                B.Sc., Biology, Sofia University St. Klimemt Ohridsky, Bulgaria



2017 –             Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University, UK

2017                Lecturer (Winter Quarter 2017), Department of Anthropology,                                               Northwestern University, USA


2015 – 2017    Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory for Human Biology Research,

                        Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University.

                        Adviser: Prof. Christopher W. Kuzawa


2012 – 2015    Postdoctoral Scholar, Behavioral Biology Lab

                        Fellow at the Institute for Mind and Biology

                        The University of Chicago

                        Adviser: Prof. Dario Maestripieri


2011                Teaching Assistant (Spring Term)

                        Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University


2008 – 2009    Teaching Assistant & Head Teaching Assistant, Harvard Extension School


2007 – 2009    Teaching Fellow

                        Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

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